Etta's Place Policies

2020 Rates: 

Booking Archie’s and Etta’s Suites requires a monthly reservation. Newt’s Suite is available during the summer season on a nightly basis with a 2-night minimum.

All rates are subject to change.

Winter – Low Season: Oct 1 – May 31

$1500    Archie’s Suite

$1500    Etta’s Suite

$0          Newt’s Suite – Not Available

Spring/Fall – April 1 – May 31/October 1 – November 30

$215    Archie’s Suite

$215   Etta’s Suite

$185    Newt’s Suite per night

Summer – High Season: June 1 – Sept 30

$265    Archie’s Suite

$265   Etta’s Suite

$235     Newt’s Suite per night

Taxes: San Juan County Sales and Lodging Taxes for Newt’s Suite nightly rental – 10.3%.


We require a 50% deposit with a credit card to secure your reservation. We accept Mastercard and Visa.

Cleaning Fees:

Cleaning Fees for Newt’s Suite Rental: There is a one-time cleaning fee of $55 per stay. If you bring a dog, there is an additional pet fee of $45 for steam cleaning the suite after you depart.

Cleaning Fees for Archie’s and Etta’s Monthly Rentals: There is a $200 cleaning fee and a $100 damage insurance charge which is refundable if there is no damage to the suite or furnishings.


If you cancel a confirmed reservation within 6 weeks of your arrival and the dates can be re-booked for the same time period and price, there will be a full refund of deposit less a $100 booking fee. If the dates cannot be re-booked, we will retain the entire reservation amount, as taking the property off the market may keep it from being rented during our short season.  I will make every effort to re-book the reservation…this should not be a problem during July and August.


Check in is anytime after 4pm.

Check out is before 11am.  Please leave keys in the room and the door unlocked.


No need to bring your car as Etta’s Place Suites is only 5 blocks from the ferry and 2 blocks to downtown.  On island transportation is readily available in during the summer months.

If you do bring your car, one parking space is provided per suite and located in the front driveway just right of the front door and at the back of the property.  Please use the driveway on the South side of the home.


Etta’s Place suites provides adult-only accommodations.


We allow small quiet and well-behaved dogs with payment of a $45 steam-cleaning fee. This is a one-time additional fee for extra steam cleaning after you depart. Cats are not allowed. The carpets are steam cleaned after pets to ensure clean and allergy free stay for the next guests. You are responsible for cleaning any urine or mess in the room (cleaning supplies are provided) or around the property. You are also financially responsible for any property destruction. Pets must be kenneled if left in the room alone. Pets are not allowed to whine or bark while you are away.

Guests bare sole responsibility for pet behavior while on the property. Please clean up your dog’s poo daily and drop the poo bag in the garbage can located at the back of the parking lot in the large trash container.

If pets are left in the suite, they must be in a kennel and must not bark or disturb other guests. If they continuously whine or bark, you will receive a phone call to come and remove them from the room. It is acceptable to leave then in your vehicle (if not too hot) while you are walking around town. Again, dogs must not bark or whine continuously while you are away.

Eddie and Friends Dog Park is excellent for running your pet. The park is on Mullis street. across from the airport, about 1/2 mile from Etta’s Place. The owner’s yard is off limit to visiting dogs, unless invited to join the owner’s dog for play.

Pets are not allowed on the furniture; if your dog is unable to remain on the floor, please ask us for a couch cover to protect the fabric.

Extra Guests:

Archie’s and Etta’s suites will accommodate 2 adults and up to two small children. Archie’s Suite will accommodate an extra adult or grown child sleeping on the Hide-a-bed. There will be a charge $35 per night if there are more than two adult guests in any suite. This fee will cover any the cleaning of additional linens.


This is a smoke-free establishment. Please respect other’s right to clean air. No smoking is allowed in the suites or on the premises. If you must smoke, please walk outside and down the street at least one-half block.

The Premises and Damages to Property:

Premises must be left in clean and undamaged condition and with all inventory intact.  If excessive cleaning or repairs are required charges will be made to your credit card, an itemized receipt will be provided to you for these charges.

Please keep the property and all furnishings in good order and alert me if something needs repair.

Please respect other guest’s need for quiet and relaxation. No loud parties or excessive noise is allowed anytime. Walk quietly on the wood floors and please shut doors quietly.

Roller shades are easily jammed, so please raise and lower them with a light touch/snap. If you pull them all the way to the end of the spring, they may not retract and will have to be replaced. If you have trouble with the shade not rolling up, please contact me and so I can adjust the spring for you.

Final Notes:

Etta’s Place Suites is a self-sufficient vacation home.  There is no daily housekeeping, please let us know.

The front door will be locked after 10pm, so remember your door code if going out in the evening.  If you come in after dark, please re-lock the front door.

During the warm months of July and August we ask that you use the fans only when you are in the room. Please shut them off when leaving for the day. Pulling the shades will keep the rooms cooler while you are away.